How to Download Torrents (and how torrents work)

Keep in mind, torrents are used a lot of the time to download Illegal software/content, and I’m NOT suggesting anyone uses this tutorial for that reason. .torrents are a great way to get files to multiple people fast. Download Utorrent: Places you can get torrents and many more :) Enjoy. This audio is licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution License. It is a public license, and I was allowed the permission to use it. (
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24 Responses to How to Download Torrents (and how torrents work)

  1. leet haxor says:

    no who ever told you that fucking stupid and why eould the fbi get involved with you downloading stuff illieglay

  2. leet haxor says:

    why would you torrent utorrent if you need utorrent for it to work thats just stupid

  3. iwillavengeyou says:

    i download all my torrents at like 1+mbps. but after the torrents downloaded i want to let it seed but the upload speed either comes up as like .1kbps or blank and it says ETA is infinite or like 2 years so i stop the seeding cuz im not tryna wait that long to seed a torrent lol. do you know why this happens?

  4. LuKcYTuToRiAlS says:

    what do you want to download and how many seeders has?

  5. Justin Skyberg says:

    i went to download something i clicked the download this torrent but nothing happens can any 1 help me?

  6. gusta677 says:

    my torrent write to disk won´t work

  7. Justin Hughes says:

    Great explanation. Thanks!

  8. highstar321 says:

    yes ewes245 but you can also find lists of free movie streaming sites on the net too.. try the bestfreestreaming . com site. On bestfreestreaming . com there is an updated list of the 9 best free movie streaming sites. — to find it just put ” top 9 free streaming sites ” into google — gud luk !

  9. nick collins says:

    hey :) well my dad is pedantic about me downloading this a torrent, he thinks that if i download it that other people will be stealing our information, or using our downloads? can you tell me if this is true

  10. Gul Faraz says:

    hey . hi . i have problem to download torrent file at office it shows offline(time out ) error. can you help me to bypass any router bitorent block .

  11. robi750 says:

    I just want to ask one thing and that is … If some one download pirate copies using torrent is it possible to catch them by any one like FBI or anyone. I mean is it possible to track them down when they were doing illegal thing.

  12. mcturk17 says:

    i go to pirate bay and it wont even let me click the file why is that?

  13. ana franco says:

    hiii, umm my file doesn’t want to download at all, it’s in a file that say’s inactive -.- how do i get it out of their ?

  14. LW89music says:

    how to make it faster? i am running on 120kb and downloading gta 4 and its 14GB, i want to atleast finish it in a few hours, says it will take 3 days

  15. 1996gamerguy says:

    I am wondering what do you do after you have torrented something like how do you extract it etc.

  16. rowanboertien says:

    I have VUZE is that also good ore do i need U torrent?

  17. KKS21199 says:

    If i create a torrent without adding any trackers and upload it to it will add the trackers.but if others download it do i need to be online to their download finish

  18. sturgis redden says:

    if i download music can i put that on itunes?

  19. NekoxChan4 says:

    my availability stays on 0.000 what do i have to do?

  20. Ivan Dale says:

    go to hidemyass(dot)com and write

  21. Imovie12 says:

    its been shut down in some countries.

  22. Imovie12 says:

    what does the inifinit symbol mean? I download yugioh gx season 2 and 3 and its at 20 percent and my pokemon season 4 stoped at 53 percent and it has an infinity symbol. plz help…

  23. SMURFC4 says:

    I cant go on pirate bay.

  24. Fooleth says:

    Thank you. It was very helpful. :)

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