How To Earn Money With Home Based Business: Affiliate Marketing My Best Decision

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2006

When I decided to quit my job and start an internet business, I was clueless. I researched and found several viable opportunities however the more I read, the more I realized how difficult this was going to be. I did not have a product and was in no position to create one. I had it in my head I wanted to sell something so I started out in the online Phone Cards business (

Did I get a sale in the beginning? Nope, (not so much) because I did not know how the internet worked with regards to website marketing. No one could find my site and I was a marketing failure. However, I continued on the research path. I slowly learned about how to market my site but wasnt sure I wanted to stick only with Phone Cards business. My site costs combined with credit card merchant costs, monthly service fees and plain old competition didnt really leave me with much profit. I realized I still had much to learn.

I went back to the research drawing board and joined a few forums to learn what else I might be able to do. At that time I learned about affiliate programs. I met people I trusted and admired who promoted affiliate programs. I asked a lot of questions and began my research. Affiliate marketing appealed to me. I didnt need a merchant account, I didnt need inventory, I didnt need my own product and I could even get away without a website. Wow, how good is that? So off I went.

As I began to research I found the best selling products were informational products and the best commissions were internet marketing products. Because I was familiar with setting up a website previously I decided to set up another site to list of my best affiliate sales products. I offer only products that I trust and many of them I used. There are lots of other things that have good marketing potential. Affiliate marketing can be successfully applied to almost any product on the net.

If researched carefully and applied correctly, affiliate sales can be a very profitable internet business. The object is to find something you can sell and promote for merchants that will offer you a commission to sell it. You dont have to carry inventory, collect money, worry about delivery or even have a website (although a website is a good idea), but youre going to have to think about what products best suit you with regard to sales. I feel its best to sell things that you like. Things youre interested in or have a fetish about. For instance, lets say you love Web or Home Business Marketing & Promoting Products. If you love it then you probably know something about it, but more importantly you will enjoy researching it and offering it to someone else.

Next, research web businesses that sell Marketing & Promoting Products and offer affiliate programs. I recommend using or any other similar sites. Keep in mind that the sites you select can sell other things, however youre focusing on just Web or Home Business Marketing & Promoting Products. Find several sites and apply to them all. Most affiliate programs are free. A note to the wise, be sure to read the affiliate agreements and understand their rules. They are not all the same.

Once youve signed up for the programs of your choice, pay per click (PPC) search engines are the best and easiest way to sell your affiliate products. You can promote each product individually or you can promote them all by building a website and promoting your website. Again, be sure to read the agreements as some affiliate programs restrict affiliates offering their competition on the same website. This isnt true for all of them but you want to stay aware.

To get started youll need to set up accounts with PPC search engines such as Google, Overture and Findwhat. Research how they work and set up some simple ad campaigns to start. You will also need to research keywords and what words cost the least and are the most effective. This is a topic for another article, however time spent and proper research tools such as Overtures view bids and search term suggestion tools will help keep your costs low and your profits high. By the way, use each of the keyword tools provided by each PPC search engine; this will help guide you as to what keywords to use. Keywords entered by users can differ from search engine to search engine.

If you choose to build a website, keep your sight on topic. Getting back to our Web or Home Business Marketing & Promoting Products example, keep your site focused on Marketing & Promoting Products, dont throw in beauty products or antiques. The worst mistake you can make is being everything to everyone. I know; Ive made that mistake.

Offer helpful information & free tools related to your products. Concentrate on offering information. If you give people valuable information on something theyre more likely to buy it.

Of course Marketing & Promoting Products is just an example; you can apply the same principles whatever you might take pleasure in. Give it some quality thought, research carefully and take your time. If its something you enjoy, youll enjoy your business.

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