How to fake a US presidential campaign

How to fake a US presidential campaign
An Italian novelist who's been leading a double life as a US presidential candidate is coming out, admitting he's a fake – but he says he'll keep his bogus campaign website and Twitter feed going because he's got so many American fans. For the past …
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AT&T will start selling you cable TV over the Internet
AT&T says it will solve problems that beguile viewers, like the requirement to log in to web sites and apps to access a cable subscription. … Another big shift: AT&T says "these services will not require annual contracts, satellite dishes or set-top …
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Apple and FBI Take Their iPhone Hacking Fight to Congress
Today, after weeks of making its arguments in posts on its website and comments to the press, Apple presented its case for maintaining the strength of its encryption to an audience that may ultimately have the final say: Congress. But as the five hour …
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