How to find customers online and grow your business the easy way

How to find customers online and grow your business the easy way
Event on 2013-10-28 09:00:00

Are you a Technical Dinosaur and proud of it?

I have the solution, and you don't have to believe in evolution!

It doesn't matter how much new technology you invest in or how fancy your website is we know that you simply want more customers right?

If you're thinking "YES!" then the rest of this letter should also make you sit up and take note. First of all here's something you may not realise, or worryingly, your website designer might not know, here it is…

You do not have a website problem, you have a marketing problem.

It is simple: If you have a plan and understand the overall strategy you are striving to implement you will communicate with the correct target market clearly and precisely.

Simply don't know what to do to get more visitors to your website and what you should avoid? 

Do you just want to get more enquiries and grow your business?

Then this is a must attend training event for you or anyone who hasn't got a clue about what they should be doing online. I'll strip away the confusing jargon, give you an easy to understand overview of what you should be trying to achieve online then show you practical examples to take away and try for yourself.

A half day course that explains the ENTIRE online marketing process from end to end, our course covers

  • Your marketing plan – How to create a GREAT online marketing plan
  • Identifying your market – How to find the right customers EASILY!
  • Websites – Do's, don'ts and the one thing ALL websites should have
  • Overall Strategy – How to create a sales funnel for your business online
  • Cold to Warm – How to build traffic online and turn visitors into leads
  • Blogging – What it is and why you will be poorer if you don't do it
  • Email Marketing – The most underrated marketing method and how to use it
  • Social Media – The truth about Facebook, Twitter &  Linked In – you're being lied to!
  • Social Bookmarking – what it is, why it is misunderstood and how to use it to your advantage

At the end of the event you will have a comprehensive list of practical steps you can take away and do to improve your online presence. This is no dreamers charter this is real world practical advice to help you increase enquiries and income from your website.

All attendees will receive a digital marketing pack worth over £197+vat. It will be full of all the information contained within the presentation with further details, expanded information and comprehensive "how to" sections.

After the event you will have a whole host of information, swipe files and an understanding of what it is you are trying to achieve and how to achieve it.

The event will be recorded and a copy of the event will be made available to attendees at an additional cost, this will just cover the production costs.

We have a very limited number of places as the event is designed as a learning environment where attendees can ask questions and clarify points. Therefore we are limiting the tickets to just 40 people.

Last time we ran a similar event we had no problem selling all 40 tickets. 

So book today and guarantee your place as we already have several pre-sold tickets.




"Stuart really knows his stuff and makes it really easy to understand complex concepts. I'm always amazed by his ingenuity finding easy ways to generate traffic."
Bradley Glynn – Overture Marketing

“Stuart has the rare mix of blending a highly business orientated mind and in depth technical knowledge with creativity and out of the box thinking.

"I spent an afternoon with Stuart talking about how to get my website noticed and by following the clear and simple ideas he showed me, my website is now consistently on the first page of Google for my chosen field.

"I don’t think I need to say more than that as my jaw still drops with incredulity every time I do the Google search and realise how easy it was!”

Anita Nowinska Artist and Business Coach

"I have consulted Stuart about marketing Executive Guidance through Social Networking.  By following his advice traffic to my company web-site has gone from an average of about 200 hits a day to in excess of 1000, and this increase shows no signs of slowing down.  My use of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs has proved to be a very effective inexpensive means of bringing Executive Guidance to the attention of a far wider audience. His excellent advice has made a significant difference to my business."
Phil Waters –

"When it comes to the subject of Internet Marketing I don't know anyone who brings as much clarity to the subject as Stuart does. Clear, insightful and full of good ideas. I can't recommend him highly enough."
Peter Bewsey – Executive Help

 If you want your business to benefit as these people's businesses have, sign up now!



How long is the event?

Attendees will be welcomed for registration from 9am and the event starts promptly at 9.30am.
Latecomers may have to wait until a suitable point to be admitted.
We shall break about halfway for a 15 minute comfort break and the training concludes at 12.00pm.
There will then be 30 minutes at the end for QnA. 
The event finishes at 12:30pm promptly.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Age limit is 18+ and just bring your receipt/ticket.


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Free parking is available on site, we are the only event happening on that day and the venue has ample parking. Farnham Station is approximately 2 miles from the venue and is serviced by taxis. 

What can/can't I bring to the event?

You can bring paper, pencil, pens and any digital devices to take notes, however photography or filming is prohibited.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? or 07968 756595


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, please print it out once purchased and bring it along. Admittance without your printed ticket is at the discretion of the organisers.


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

Yes, just bring along the printed ticket, we understand that sometimes a business needs to pay for a ticket and an employee attends.


Will there be food and drinks?

There will be light refreshments, tea, coffee and biscuits free to all attendees during the training session.

at Farnham House Hotel
Alton Road (A31)
Farnham, United Kingdom

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