How to free up Google Drive space

How to free up Google Drive space
Google gives you 15GB of free space in Google Drive, which seems like a pretty good deal compared to Dropbox's 2GB and Box's 10GB. But there's a catch — that 15GB limit includes not only your Google Drive, but also your Gmail account (messages and …
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Google May Kill Off the Space Bar, andOtherTechNewsYouMayHaveMissed
Ouya hits some financial trouble, Tesla teases its upcoming announcement, and Google is trying to kill the space bar. Bitstream is the tech news and rumors you might have missed in the last 24 hours. Technology is always on a quest to be smaller …
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A Story from Google Shows You Don't Need Power to Drive Strategy
Brian Fitzpatrick joined Google as a senior software engineer in 2005, shortly after the company's IPO. Brian specialized in open-source software development and he quickly became a champion within the company for various initiatives focused on end …
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