How To Gain Crucial Insights From SERP Analysis

How To Gain Crucial Insights From SERP Analysis
A lot of SEOs still believe that setting an SEO strategy is as simple as performing site optimization, maybe adding some content to the site (landing pages or blog posts), and then link building like a mad man. Putting heavy emphasis on link building …
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5 Graphics that Recap the Most Important Google SERP Changes in 2012
Given the extent of the changes in the SERPs and knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we mocked up the changes individually, showing a 'Before' and 'After' wherever possible, and also included a final mockup that encapsulates all the …
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'What is' SERP invasion
I have just got back into the office and have been greeted by a new feature in Google's SERPs that I haven't personally seen before. It is possible that I have been blind to it before, but pretty much every 'what is' search that I can think of is …
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