How to Generate Phone Calls from PPC Ads – with Joseph Kerschbaum

In this video interview, Internet marketing expert Joseph Kerschbaum explains how phone ads work, that display phone numbers — and allow customers to click to call — in a PPC ad. You list your phone number in a PPC ad under ‘ad extensions,’ explains Kerschbaum, a ‘call extension.’ The options for a laptop are a call or click-through to your website. In a mobile PPC campaign, you can set for (1) call or click to website or (2) call only. If someone sees your number in the ad and calls you directly, there’s no charge to the advertiser — you’re charged for the click only — but this may now negatively affect your Quality Score for the ad, and thus raise the price of your ad. Call metrics are now available in Google AdWords, using a Google voice number to forward calls to your number. This gives you metrics on number of calls, call duration, completed calls, ZIP code of caller, etc. Cost is per call. Bid rates over all don’t seem much different than for non-phone ads. Joseph Kerschbaum is vice president of Clix Marketing (, a search marketing agency that focuses on everything paid — AdWords, adCenter, Twitter, Facebook — to help advertisers optimize it and get better results. This interview was recorded at the SES Conference in Chicago on November 15, 2011.
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