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9 Responses to How To Get Adword Click For 1 Penny (This Free Complete )

  1. Jon Black says:

    0.02% conversion rate lol

  2. MeganBHenderson says:


  3. dougas4 says:

    @vzwaxog I’m hitting about $1800 a day at the moment. If you don’t find the right niche you won’t get anywhere. Trust me your gonna like this course, have a look here ->

  4. insurancevsinsurance says:

    sounds like he is sucking on a long one

  5. KingSizeHelpZone says:

    Get adwords, bing, yahoo, facebook coupons all at cheap price, adsense and every trick

  6. PocketVideoMarketing says:


  7. slipshodcoqbgg says:

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  8. oxenfoord says:

    Conversion rate looks terrible for all that traffic. It means your product would have to be nigh on $50 a sale simply to break even. Doesn’t stack up to my mind.

  9. scorch678 says:

    interesting comments – but please get someone else to do the voice over next time, your voice simply doesnt make we want to carry on listening

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