How To Get CLARITY On Your Competitive Edge & Attract Your Perfect Clients

How To Get CLARITY On Your Competitive Edge & Attract Your Perfect Clients
Event on 2014-10-20 19:00:00

Branding is not just an Internet buzz word; it is a high-concept marketing strategy that will benefit any business venture, online or offline. Brand is the most valuable asset of any business but, you have to know how to build a powerful brand that increases the sales and profits of your business. 

We're pleased to be hosting a panel of branding experts who are eager to share their knowledge and answer all of your questions about branding and how it can impacts your bottom line. 

In the panel you will hear 4 experts who focus on different areas of branding from personal branding, to corporate branding, to small business branding and even rebranding

Cristi Cooke

Cristi is known as the expert in helping clients discover and market their unique genius. She is the creator of The Unleash Your Genius BlueprintTM: a proven system to get clarity on what you are uniquely selling, so your ideal clients can find you and pay a premium for it. CEOs of multi-million dollar companies and individual professionals alike, come to her for leadership on determining their unique competitive advantage.Cristi is a dean’s list graduate from Queen’s School of Business. She is a sought after speaker who has spoken at Million Dollar Roundtable and e-Women Network and has shared the stage with business leaders across North America.  

Cristi will help you discover…

• Where to look to find your Unique Pillars Of Genius so you can stand out from the crowd

• Define your Perfect Match Client so you can do exactly the work you want to do for exactly the person you want to do it for! 

• How to write marketing messages that nail your client right between the eyes so they can self-select in and your non-ideals clients can keep walking 

Isabelle Mercer 

Isabelle is a momentum generator – pure and simple. Her passion is to help solopreneurs and small business owners raise the bar to create outstanding brand experiences. As host of, one of North America’s Top Small Business Influencers in 2012, Entrepreneur of the year at the 2003 Lauriers de la PME, and one of the bestselling authors of the business and marketing book titled, The Next Big Thing; Isabelle’s sole purpose as a brand builder and business performance catalyst is to empower change and growth. Isabelle is a true pioneer in branding, and throughout her career has had the opportunity to help hundreds of small business owners, as well as some influential brands such as A&W, Robeez Footwear, Earls Restaurants, IMAX Corporation, and HSBC Investments just to name a few. 

Isabelle will help you discover… 

• How to define your core message, be clear on what you stand for and uncover your “MONEY-MAKING EDGE”

• A fail-proof Brand Success Formula that will get people to want to work with you —regardless of price

• The “core truth” of what makes your business the only one like it out there, regardless of your competitors!  

Cadi Jordan 

Cadi Jordan is an Internationally respected social media & marketing strategist. Her forte is in training, coaching and online management in the spa, health and wellness sectors. Cadi is a regular contributor at Spa Inc Magazine. Author of How To Run Your Social Media Like An Agency due out 2014.  

Cadi will help you discover… 

• How to get the creative juices going and get quick results with branding

• Why branding is your most important tool and how you can use it without spending a fortune!

• How to solve the 3 biggest problems with branding…. 

Meghan Simington 

Meghan Simington, is a marketing strategist with a passion for entrepreneurs leveraging through the sharing of resources and community collaboration. Her entrepreneurial spirit has inspired collaboration projects such as the retail chain, mom inc MOVEMENT Conferences and last years mSummit featuring Arlene Dickenson. Her passion for rebranding has connected her with entrepreneurs looking to develop an online programs as a revenue stream and creating sponsorship programs to help foster community growth projects. Meghan’s most recent projects include consulting with a rebrand of a product for a local software company, a co-funded municipal project to increase investment of technology in the Fraser Valley, and the development of the online entrepreneurial program Ready To Launch.

Meghan will help you discover… 

 • Why focusing on a specific niche market during your rebranding is the most important investment into your brand longevity

 • Why rebranding of your business is key to creating community around your online program or event. 

• The top social media resources that most businesses overlook when planning an event that could help them triple their attendance! 


After the Meetup Matt is taking the group out for drinks at a local pub/bar walking distance from the Meetup! (Location Top-Secret for now…)

So, prepare to have someone pick you up OR take a taxi home if you plan to drink with us. 


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