How to Get into MIT

How to Get into MIT

Some advice from a junior at MIT on how to maximize your odds at getting admitted. How to Graduate from MIT:

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  1. Look, everyone has problems whether it is educational or social. Always remember to never look back at the missed opportunities because there’s always opportunities awaiting, I mean ALWAYS. Besides, there are many other methods to get what you want. If you think your society sucks, then just move to a free country or something and try again.

  2. Hi there, I’m a student from Colombia and I will like to get into the MIT. In this moment I just get graduate from high school and then accepted in an University here in my country, but still I want to study at the MIT but for a Graduate Program (specially the CDO), so my question is: What do I have to do for a graduate program’s admission? If you could bring me information or any advice I’ll be thankful. Take care.

  3. MIT loves people who are passionate and who work on projects in their spare time, but keep in mind that it is an exceptionally rigorous institution. I’m surrounded by people who never saw anything but A’s on their report cards but who are failing tests here. If you love the school, I’d really really work on your senior year grades and try to build a case for yourself in your application. It can’t hurt to apply (don’t be embarrassed!), but you may be happier somewhere else.

  4. Hey sarvesh0303, I’m an MIT student as well (I stayed with Ryan’s girlfriend Katie as a prefrosh), and perhaps I can address your questions. I took my SATs when I was 17, and I just looked over a couple practice tests to prepare for it. If you haven’t been scoring well, I’d consider getting a test prep book. Actually, I teach SAT prep now, using a book called “SAT 2400” by Shaan Patel, whom I’ve met. Also, you submit all of your scores to MIT, but they take your best score for each section.

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  6. ur gpa and sat score are really low. Also, what do you mean by play basketball? Do you play recreationally? Are you on some sort of a team? Have you won anything? Do you have any future aspirations for your basketball “talents”?

  7. hey buddy, first you have to define “what’s success” for you? (like for some its wealth, for some its health , happiness etc. & etc) but never EVER lose hope. Go out help a stranger (old man to cross road) and he’ll give you a reason to live! Let’s fly

  8. Here’s a tip: Concentrate on learning and not on grades. Schools tend to focus on making good grades. But the best thing to do is master the subjects (especially math because it will help in EVERY other subject including real life). Certain classes assign tedious assignments that do not assist in understanding the subject at hand. Assignments like notebook checks, copying down definitions etc. It’s just a waste of time.

  9. @Ryan Normandin: Hey, I am a huge fan of your life at MIT videos! Did you write your SATs when you were 16 or 17? What resources did you use for preparing for the reading and the writing sections of SAT-I? I am petrified because even though I am quite good and fluent in English (it is my first language), I struggle in the essays as I am not able to support my stand with strong arguments. Also, does one have to submit all their SAT scores or just one of them if they write multiple times? I am 15.

  10. Mr.Normandin, I’m a sophomore in high school, and I would like some info on how to work towards your goals, such as going to MIT. I would like to have some of your methods on surviving high school and AP classes. Please reply when you have time to. Thank you very much.

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