How to Get to Google Page 1 Guaranteed

How to Get to Google Page 1 Guaranteed
Event on 2014-07-03 13:00:00

Most business owners have no idea what search engine optimisation actually is, and why it is so crucial to getting new customers.  Natasha Howie from Get Smart Websites will demystify the elusive ‘getting to Google front page’, and give you the crucial aspects of SEO that every business owner MUST know.


Keyword Research

  • Understand why this is the crucial first step to your search engine optimisation.
  • The difference between profitable and non-profitable keywords
  • How to find keywords that will bring you more customers – bring your laptop you will be finding these during the workshop!

Google Page 1

The difference better search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

  • The psychology of Google revealed – if you understand this, you will clearly understand what Google wants and how to give Google what they want.
  • Revealed – the step by step methodology of how to get to Google Page 1 GUARANTEED for your search term.  Natasha will share her proprietary secrets that get her to Google Page 1 every time without fail within two months.

Panda,  Penguin  and Hummingbird

  • Why does Google keep coming up with these animals, why SEO ‘experts’ fear them, and how you can avoid them every time.

Previous participants have said: 

Wow! I can’t believe that you gave us all of your secrets Natasha!”

“One of the best mornings I have had since my arrival in Australia -three years ago!. Natasha's talk was everything (or actually so much more) than I had hoped for. Incredibly generous of her to share all that valuable information and to put the notes online.”

“Great content and learned so much. Many thanks Natasha Howie”

“Natasha Howie's presentation was fabulous.”

“Natasha's presentation was very informative and inspirational.”

Absolutely awesome!! The information shared by Natasha Howie was priceless.” 

Natasha Howie isa Marketing Consultant, Certified GuerillaMarketing specialist, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and is the founder of Get Smart Websites.  Natasha has a unique gift of being able to understand the psychology behind business relationships and how they interact – whether it be the psychology of Google… right through to the psychology of buying behavior. Natasha utilizes that unique perspective to help her clients achieve outstanding business results.

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284 St Vincents Rd Banyo
Brisbane, Australia

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