How To Get Your Website Found On The Internet – 5 Quick Steps to Get Found on Web Search Engines

Make A Free Website Free Hosting. Free Design Tools Easy To Use. Everything You Need 5 Quick Steps to Get Found on Search Engines: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines like Google and Yahoo 1. Choose a Title, Description & Keywords and update your SEO Settings: Hint: * Your title should include your website or business name and about 10 words long. * Descriptions should include relevant keywords and be about 30-35 words long * Add about 5-7 keyword phrases; this may include your location. ——————————————————————————- 2. Lots of Relevant Text: An important aspect of relevant text is unique and quality content! There should be at least 400 words on your Home Page and 250 words on each of your other pages. Keywords should appear 3-7 times in your text. And be sure to include a title with your keywords on the main pages. ——————————————————————————- 3. Submit to Search Engines: Submit your site to a few directories to increase your chances of getting found. You can submit your site on Google, Yahoo and Bing Google: Yahoo: Bing: ——————————————————————————- 4. Links: Get links from quality sites! Google crawls the big sites, such as Digg, Facebook, Twitter and
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