How to Grow Your Business From A Seed

How to Grow Your Business From A Seed
Event on 2015-10-28 18:00:00
Rescheduled from September 16 How to Grow Your Business From a Seed Using the Natural Business Cycle to Offer Your Gifts to the World For New and Experienced Service-based, Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs   Confused or overwhelmed about what to do next in your business? Feeling like this sped-up, digitized world is going just a little bit too fast? This is an interactive class designed specifically for consultants, coaches, teachers, holistic practitioners and other mission-driven business owners who provide professional services and who have powerful gifts to give, but need some help on the business side!   Come learn how to start or grow your small business organically and efficiently, using the cycles of nature as your guide.   You’ll learn: An elegant, grounded and inspiring system for understanding how to start or grow your mission-driven business step-by-step, alleviating a lot of the stress and unknowns involved with growing and running a business, Why you must start with deep clarity around your life vision, purpose and unique gifts and how to get that clarity, The fundamental business concepts you need to clarify in order to effectively design a business that is aligned with your vision, What questions you need to be able to answer before you create a website and start marketing your services, How marketing and sales are really just like a bee attracted to its favorite flower, and Why rest is the most important part of your business plan.   Plus, you’ll walk away knowing which stages you need to focus on most in your own business.   More about the Natural Business Cycle The Natural Business Cycle demonstrates how a business or organization organically grows and evolves following fundamental natural growth cycles. It meshes essential business development processes with the life cycle of a tree. It’s an iterative process that can decrease overwhelm as you relax into a structure with a logical order of operations and systems that work. The Natural Business Cycle shows you the specific steps you must take to create a business that is aligned with your deepest vision, purpose and gifts – a business that allows you to offer your gifts to the world while earning the kind of income you desire, and without being stressed out all the time!      About Julie Wolk Julie Wolk helps mission-driven entrepreneurs (teachers, consultants, coaches, healers, and other service professionals) who are excellent at their craft, really rock the business side, so they can thrive. She developed the Natural Business Cycle, a unique and overwhelm-reducing business development model based on the natural world. She co-founded and for many years co-directed a thriving nonprofit organization (Wilderness Torah) and worked for 10 years prior to that in environmental advocacy and public relations. Julie is a certified professional coach and spends a lot of time wandering in the East Bay hills. Learn more at:     About Impact Hub Impact Hub San Francisco is a coworking & events space for a membership community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.   Refund Policy:  If you cannot attend, please email us least 1 day before the scheduled class. No refunds will be given if we have less than 24 hour notice.

at The Hub, San Francisco
located in The S.F. Chronicle Building
San Francisco, United States

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