How to Grow Your Social Network thru Search – Lee Odden

In this video interview search marketing expert Lee Odden explains how to increase your visbility and the size of your network on the social media. He recommends researching what keywords and tags are used in social media, then setting up blogs, content management systems, recommended tags, etc. to influence users to tag content to maximize the keywords you want to be found for. He recommends using social media monitoring tools that harvest and aggregate the “social” keywords. This will help people who are searching for subject matter experts and like-minded people — both on Google and on social network search tools — to find your content and join your network. Lee Odden is CEO of, a search and public relations agency based in Minneapolis, MN. This interview was taped on August 12, 2009 at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, CA.
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  1. very interesting. I’m using Drupal (CMS), which integrates with Twitter and Facebook (automatic pings). I guess I didn’t see the value of that, until I watched this video. Very nice.

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