How To – How To Change Your IP Address in Google Chrome

Learn how to change your IP Address in Google Chrome. Extension:

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19 Responses to How To – How To Change Your IP Address in Google Chrome

  1. Nathan O'Halloran says:

    shite doesnt work 

  2. Maria Isabel Lopez says:

    it does not work to me

  3. connection176 says:

    Remove it ? 😀

  4. SummerWizz1 says:

    I don’t have that ISP anymore, and haven’t for years so I don’t care.

  5. yolo expectz says:

    what a fail we just saw your real ip…..

  6. kiran2914 says:

    can you torrent safetly with this methof

  7. Boosting Hybrids says:

    HOW DO U CHANGE IT BACK BRO? ..Soz bout caps haha

  8. George Gugui says:

    dont know about u guys but for me it worked….

  9. BirdUniAttack says:

    lol the blur goes away hahahah for safety reasons my ass

  10. 6julli says:

    hahahaha i use hidemyass for 2 years xD

  11. Pascal Salesch says:

    doesnt work.. its saying Your IP Address Is: my real ip Other IPs Detected: proxy ip

  12. ElpaskioT1 says:

    yo everytime im trying to change my ip…..when i refresh the page to see if the new ip work its said that doesnt work n internet doesnt work….why? thx for help

  13. baggies98 says:

    fuck off, bullshit

  14. delboy134 says:

    try going clicking the wrench- advanced settings – network – change proxy settings – Lan settings,i think u might have to tick a certain box in there,worth a try

  15. OriginalOnchee says:

    This completely screwed up my computer…I had to restore my system to get it back to normal…I couldn’t open any webpages…every time I tried..a download box would open down at the bottom of the page and that was it no webpages nothing….I would warn everyone away from this!!!!!!

  16. Xyloblast says:

    Thanks worked!

  17. Tyreke Moses says:

    hey thnx for the video but it claims that im getting 2 ip adresses do u no y?

  18. Tyreke Moses says:

    i followed ur video but do u no why when i right click on the globe it doesnt show the proxy or profile names?

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