How to Install Google Maps on Your iPhone and iPad in iOS 6 One of the most overwhelming things that I’ve gotten in response to my iOS 6 review video is how to bring Google Maps back. Since Apple is now using their own maping technology they’ve eliminated Google Maps from the default app lineup. Through this simple trick you can get Google Maps back on your iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak or hack your system in any way. Check it out and thanks for all the likes and shares! === http

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  1. Why would you want to do this?.Apple said GFU so let android morons live with it, All of you salaried whores for Apple’s advisaries are becomming nausiating.

  2. Google maps for iOS6 : Apple accepted our latest app, ‘Sparkling Maps’ this weekend after a long review period. If you are frustrated about the lack of detail of the new maps in iOS6, just get this map solution, based on the familiar google maps. It even has turn by turn navigation, something that was never offered by google on Apple devices. See ht tps://

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