How To install Wood R4 on the NDS Lite

This video will teach you how to install the Wood R4 1.48 kernel on the DS lite Wood R4 link: Alternatives: If you are facing with the save file, please press start settings, touch arrow right and select which save file you are using on the newly installed DS Lite. If you want to put in themes on it, download your prefered theme and then extract to ______ (your theme name) on the ‘ui’ folder at ‘_rpg’

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6 Responses to How To install Wood R4 on the NDS Lite

  1. heyitsvip says:

    It worked, thanks! but I’m gettin a “loading…” frozen screen :/

  2. HowToPPC says:

    Sorry for the late reply… Maybe you can try the orginal website of Wood R4 (Link is in the description)

  3. heyitsvip says:

    I can’t download the .zip file, it diwnloads a file that I can’t open, there’s no folder or .zip or .rar file, I tried all the versions of the Wood R4, there’s any other website that I can download it?

  4. Chan Ching says:

    My r4 menu doesn’t have any words to it,how do I fix it?

  5. HowToPPC says:

    Try re-extract the _DS_MENU_DAT again…It should work… 

  6. tek tek says:

    i tried to download it but when insert it on my ds all he shows is just “MENU?” on top of the screen. how can i fix this?

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