How to Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing

Video is hot! It adds a whole new dimension to your marketing. Are you looking to use video with your social media efforts, but feel a bit stuck? In this epi…
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22 Responses to How to Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing

  1. Hanna Meiners says:

    Loved this presentation Mari – really great tips! Learned about many new tools and softwares I was not aware of earlier. Thanks for sharing!

  2. iDigital Video Services says:

    How to Integrate Video Into Your Social MediaMarketing

  3. Randy Taylor says:

    I have better luck with videos than traditional media. Good tips Mari Smith. Randy Taylor Financial Services,

  4. Cheryl Gnad says:

    Wow! Lots of great tips in under 9 minutes!!

  5. Nellie Deutsch says:

    Thank you for sharing this great resource. I suggest you add WizIQ to your list of how to create videos. You can screenshare, teach or demonstrate using a whiteboard, media (youtube, audio, images), share files (MS, PDF, PowerPoint slides) and/or audio/webcam.

  6. mycollegesandcareers says:

    Another terrific video, Mari! Thanks for sharing these great resources.

  7. Sandra Angelo says:

    Awesome info. Thanks!

  8. dhelmassociates says:

    Already bookmarked those websites you gave us. Thank you!!!!

  9. Mimika Cooney says:

    Love this! A big reason why I created a course “7 Tips for Hot Looking Videos” on all about creating your own videos for business.

  10. Eric Warren says:

    Nice video, Mari.

  11. David Hoffman says:

    overall, I find you and this video very useful for my clients. Thank you for it. David Hoffman – filmmaker

  12. Cheryl Lynn says:

    Another great video Mari! Your content is always so rich in value. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. Ricci Neer says:

    You’re doing such a great job Mari! Love it rock star!

  14. Kath Morton-Smith says:

    Fab stuff considering I’m just starting to offer a management of online video service to my clients. Loads of ideas for me to follow up Mari

  15. SourceSeek says:

    Very informative, thank you!

  16. Laura McGregor says:

    Very useful, love your energy!

  17. Bruce Mitchell says:

    The best option for your video on facebook, youtube or email (yes video email) is FREE! It can be found at – sign up now

  18. Leonardo Radomile says:

    Quality content. Well done.

  19. Theuns Serfontein says:

    Thanks I just love your Video tips

  20. Ivor Stankov says:

    Now that customised tabs are no longer useable, what do you suggest for the opt-in e-mail marketing on Facebook?

  21. home1951 says:

    i think it was a wonderful viedo and marketing tipsthat’s why you are very postive p erson. you have an exceptional way of getting your message across.thanks. Mari H Chaney

  22. Danielle Spinks says:

    Excellent and very helpful video, thanks Mari. A few sites I hadn’t come across before. Really helpful for my small business clients.

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