22 Replies to “How to Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing”

  1. Loved this presentation Mari – really great tips! Learned about many new tools and softwares I was not aware of earlier. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing this great resource. I suggest you add WizIQ to your list of how to create videos. You can screenshare, teach or demonstrate using a whiteboard, media (youtube, audio, images), share files (MS, PDF, PowerPoint slides) and/or audio/webcam.

  3. Love this! A big reason why I created a course “7 Tips for Hot Looking Videos” on Udemy.com all about creating your own videos for business.

  4. Fab stuff considering I’m just starting to offer a management of online video service to my clients. Loads of ideas for me to follow up Mari

  5. The best option for your video on facebook, youtube or email (yes video email) is FREE! It can be found at smallbusiness1stop.info – sign up now

  6. i think it was a wonderful viedo and marketing tipsthat’s why you are very postive p erson. you have an exceptional way of getting your message across.thanks. Mari H Chaney

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