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  5. jay chua says:

    My pleasure!

  6. jay chua says:

    You,re very welcome Dave

  7. jay chua says:

    Thanks Beverly!

  8. jay chua says:

    It’s residual Elinor..connect me, lets talked!

  9. jay chua says:

    Thanks for stopping by Charles!

  10. jay chua says:

    That’s good to hear that Laraine..Glad you learn something:) I am learning everyday as well!

  11. jay chua says:

    Not all all Jeff..Great it helped!

  12. jay chua says:

    Anytime Vic.

  13. jay chua says:

    You,re most welcome Mike.

  14. Michael Rolle says:

    bravo..awesome overview of how to succeed in any online business!

  15. Virginia4317 says:

    You,re a great leader jay..txs for the update!

  16. Jeff Weathers says:

    Thanks for putting this out Jay..I pick up a few tips from you today!

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