How To Make A Chat Bot Like iGod

How To Make A Simple Chat Bot Like iGod Just Using Notepat 😀 This Code Is The Basic First Message Of The Chat Bot code: @echo off echo Hello… echo How are…
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4 Responses to How To Make A Chat Bot Like iGod

  1. Meho Onal says:

    I have made my very own chatting bot now, and it has sections… it is cool and uses more programming… but since it all started here, Thank you so much again…

  2. PrivateHackingTeam says:

    i havent played them games so im not really sure what it is, but theres a way for everything i guess :)

  3. PrivateHackingTeam says:

    Thank you :) im glad it helped you! and im sorry, i think i have that deleted now as i work on coding games and stuff.

  4. Meho Onal says:

    This is the best chatbot, I have been looking all around the internet for this formula… Thank you so much!!!!! Oh, Also, can you tell me where to download that “Chat” actual program? Thanks…

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