How to make a FlyFF PServer Website with User CP/Rankings/Register

RATE/SUBSCRIBE — How to make a website for your flyff private server that has user control panel and rankings and register and more – 1. Download the wamp server : 2. Download the website files: 3. Download an extractor program or something, if you don’t have it, you can get jZip: 4. Extract the server files to your wamp server www directory, if you can’t, then copy them over to it by extracting them somewhere else! 5. Edit the cofig files and set all of them to your MySQL password 6. Run wamp server 2.0 (it has to look yellow and without a lock symbol on your desktop icons for it to work). 7. Open your web browser and type in your hamachi ip address (or whatever ip address is linked to your server) 8. Tada! There’s your website! Now you can edit it to your likings! I included a HTML Help.txt file in the website files, read it if you need some basic html help, or google it! Have fun!
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  1. Filip Atanasov says:

    agree with you !

  2. janssne says:


  3. nicolasdohken says:

    Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

  4. jerwin mayor says:

    i cant read the 5th step, can you make it wider>?

  5. xxcyrille13xx says:

    can I Use Xamp?

  6. dexinfan says:

    Help! It says Forbidden T_T

  7. Carlson Gerelus says:

    your video has no graphics at all i cant see anything

  8. Nick Sta Ines says:


  9. eFlyffArcanist says:

    the music helps me, sleep x.x

  10. CounterStrikePlayer2 says:

    You are just a lie i will report your all Video Shit!!!! My Pc Get Slow for this Video Guys lets Report his Video now because he is just kidding you!!! im warning you ALL GUYS!! HE IS JUST KIDDING YOU REPORT ALL HIS VIDEO NOW!!!!!

  11. ZpeczerN says:

    Fuck the port forward. Just use Hamachi

  12. Daileyleeuw says:

    Some 1 want make wich me

  13. InsanerLIVE says:

    ill make one with you

  14. Lewis95xp says:

    Awesome music!!! Eurodancer by Dr Mangoo FTW

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