How To Make Google + Work for Your Business

How To Make Google + Work for Your Business
Event on 2014-03-11 18:30:00

Join Cristin Grogan as she guides us in unraveling the mystery of Google +.  Why do you need it, and how can it work for you, your business & your life?

Not just another social media outlet, Google + is a gateway to search engine optimization, and offers up a completely different market than other social platforms.  You'll find out how to utilize this powerful tool and how to go about seeing returns.

Cristin Grogan is CEO of CG Social Media.  She's a social media marketing strategist, avid blogger, and digital, social & tech contributor to Fox News.  Find out more about Cristin at and read her latest blog on Google+ HERE.

at White Plains Performing Arts Center
11 City Place
White Plains, United States

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