How To – Make Money With Adsense, and the YouTube Revenue Sharing Program! Tips and Tricks!

This is an updated video on my first and second Adsense videos, and in this youtube video, I will talk about Google Adsense and how to make money by using it. I’ll explain what the NEW YouTube partnership situation. I will mainly be talking about it with a youtube application, but you can use Google Adsense to make money on a website or blog as well. All you have to do to put Google Ads on a website or blog is: 1. Go to the “My Ads” tab and create a new add unit. 2. Then customize the options and save it. 3. Then finally get the HTML code and upload it on your website. If you guys want to watch my first and second adsense videos, go to: First Video: Second Video: Watch those videos in case I didn’t give you the information you wanted to know. My Website:
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22 Responses to How To – Make Money With Adsense, and the YouTube Revenue Sharing Program! Tips and Tricks!

  1. TotalWafflez says:

    Pro tip.. Talk slower in your videos for us people to understand you talk way to fast dude

  2. Ted Kugler says:

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  3. Mohamad Amer says:

    PLZ How old are U ??

  4. Mohamad Amer says:

    do u make a lot of money ?

  5. ProdigyXgames says:

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  6. LegoGirls100 says:

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  7. LegoGirls100 says:

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  8. LegoGirls100 says:

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  9. LegoGirls100 says:

    Omg you helpped me so much!!!!!! Can you please answer my one last question A.S.A.P

  10. Chanelle Morgan says:

    Im just a little confused it says im a youtube partner on my little profile. and when i go to my video manager i see the little dollar signs on each video that is enabled to be monitized. Said something about everything will work by nov 9th or something. What i wanna know is how do i get my money they havent really given me any information.

  11. WiscoSnapps says:

    Do you need permission to monitize your video?!

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  19. VapeLife Will says:

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