How to Make: Woven Magazine Clutch

welp, old magazines take up alotta space..and i wanted to do something my result was a woven magazine clutch yah go!(:
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  1. MAX Craft says:

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  2. Chandini Raj says:

    thank ya..for d awesome idea…got a thng wch i can gift to my frnd…:)

  3. suckysama kurosaki says:

    love it !!!! i tryed it and it works , so easy i was singing the song while doing it !!! du du du >.< love <3

  4. katesgram says:

    Have you ever tried mounting it to clear contact paper rather than the packing tape? I wonder if that would work.

  5. Thomterrible says:

    I think that was a great use of old Mags. I think it can be even more fantastic with some embellishment. I’ll try and let you know.

  6. Grapefruitfriday says:

    Awesome DIY! If you are into DIY’s you should check out our channel :) We upload a new DIY every friday.

  7. vasquez1296 says:

    Merry Happy by Kate Nash (:

  8. mylo arnold says:

    watched it…tried it…failed it…doritoed it out

  9. Amy Brown says:

    Thankyou so much. I made this for my project. thanks your idea helped me a lot. :)

  10. donise gaucal says:

    hi,today,is January 31,2013 the last day of this month,and here i am,i found you,your project is great,what a great job,your fun to watch making crafts,thank you so much for sharing,i am working on one project i saw on here,your’s is next,thank you for sharing.what a great way to start out more of my day. God BLESS YOU…..KEEP IN TOUCH.LOVE YOUR FRIEND,DONISE :)

  11. Alie Winter says:

    What song is playing? I love it!

  12. AnneHC lyce says:

    whats is this song she plays?

  13. Jade Smith says:

    it would work as a phone sock too

  14. Harrywillyoumarry says:

    just saying that song reminded me of lucy spragging, they should do a song together

  15. redneckdlite says:

    This is a really cute idea; however how would you prevent items from falling out of the clutch? Do you have any ideas to add a closure to the top of the clutch? I was thinking of taking this concept and making a bigger tote bag with handles.

  16. tiara risby says:

    luv the song

  17. Emma Brender says:

    This is awesome 😀

  18. Sarah Mason says:

    This would not exactly save any money because buying a pre-made clutch would be cheaper than wasting a roll of wide clear tape which can be expensive. Crafts are usually done to save as much money as possible. I would toss out the magazines.

  19. NurAuni Baharuddin says:

    ur nails’ color match the clutch’s ahah!

  20. TheBlissMiss says:

    Hey it’s TheBlissMiss! Thank you sooo much for so many views! This means so much! Thanks for subbing and commenting lots if love Brooke and Lexi

  21. cahaya kasih says:


  22. TheBlissMiss says:


  23. Harrywillyoumarry says:

    I know we all tryed to get rid of the speech bubble at the start

  24. sparkie1357 says:

    u dont have to cover the outside with clear tape

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