how to make your own chatbot

how to make your own chatbot

this is a video on how to make your own talking chat bot, now you will never be alone :D.
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19 Responses to how to make your own chatbot

  1. Zetsuke4 says:

    What the hell… This was one year ago go! I hate it when people reply to my comments I made 1 year ago…

  2. kiro ichama says:

    You have no room to talk when you write “Everyone, this dude totally suck.”. Really, you can’t even tell someone they suck without failing? That’s sad, just honestly, truly sad.

  3. TheDescargo says:

    I DID! 😀 [this guy is genius]

  4. mrlol0123456789 says:

    nothing happen… not working… sad… and i am lazy to chat with it… but i love to chat with it… :(

  5. sampt99999 says:

    The mute button and I meet again

  6. MrFrostline1 says:

    All stand for the YouTube national anthem

  7. SebastianMichaelis5 says:

    How do you test it or open it?

  8. shinobikid27 says:

    RIP headphone users :(

  9. dimanueldi says:

    Check Chatbot4u makes it all much easier to make an deploy your own Chatbot.

  10. inuyashaqueen1 says:

    well i did the period but i had to double click the doc lol

  11. Zack Lemanski says:

    Do you have extensions showing? Did you put a period between the name and VBS? To have extensions showing, go to folder options, view, and uncheck the ‘Hide extensions’ or whatever it is called box.

  12. Zack Lemanski says:


  13. inuyashaqueen1 says:

    what are you talking about mine i saved it as chatbox vbs but nothing happened dude nothings working i saved it as chatbox vbs but nothing happens my doc probly didnt show

  14. sicariusadulescens says:

    @Zetsuke4 Can you make it actually reply to stuff? (like look for key words in your response and match it up with an answer from a database that contains the most key words?) and not just give answers in the order they were programmed regardless of what you write?

  15. animegirljrs says:

    I have a question. Is there an equivalent of all of this for Linux Ubuntu…??

  16. doomsong11 says:


  17. colmyo says:

    Hi, Zake. 

  18. Zetsuke4 says:

    Pivot is not pixel art you idiot.

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