How to Maximise your Pay Per Click (PPC) ROI pt7

How to maximise you Pay Per Click (PPC) ROI explains Google’s AdWords PPC matching requirements to target your budget effectively- broad, exact and negative keyword bidding phrases are the key to saving your wallet from taking a battering. I have saved once client 93% of his Adwords budget- and he’s still getting the same amount of traffic. The only loser is Google. This is the seventh part of 11 videos on how to promote your website using the most cost effective elements of the marketing mix. This video series was made from the lecture Simon Dye Dr Search the Principal Consultant at the Search Clinic’s made at the University of Gloucestershire on online marketing to to businesses, professionals including Members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Managers and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and students at the 5th annual Gloucestershire Professionals conference in June 2009.
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