How to Measure the Success of Your Content Marketing

How to Measure the Success of Your Content Marketing
… marketer's abilities to make connections with data. By implementing an ABM strategy, you create meaningful pieces of content for your prospects and customers, all while answering the age-old CFO question—what am I getting for all this marketing spend?
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4 Big Marketing Takeaways From Facebook's Earnings Call
The Facebook video surge — views on the social network have doubled since April — is an opportunity that marketers are tapping into. In September, 1.5 million small businesses posted video (both organic and paid), Sandberg said. That's not happening …
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A Monster Appears in Times Square as Part of Trans-Pacific Marketing Event
At least part of this success must be chalked up to the work of Letv VIP, one of the key departments at Letv, who have launched a large-scale marketing campaign for the film. Above all else, their crowning achievement has been putting the monster from …
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