How to Monetize YouTube Videos with Adsense [Generic and Gaming Content]

The second video in my YouTube Success Series explains how to monetize a YouTube video through Adsense (without a partnership). I discuss what you can and cannot monetize and a few things you can do to avoid rejections and copyright disputes. If you haven’t yet monetized your channel and set up an Adsense account then you will want to check out this video first: ZiggyD | | http Please feel free to send me any questions or simply leave a comment. I appreciate any feedback on the video too. If you want to see more videos like this one please consider subscribing to my channel. Feel free to request any content you would like to see too, I am open to suggestions! [This video is commentary in nature and it’s use and monetization is protected as ‘fair use’ as described in the Copyright Act. Mac OSX is the property of Apple and YouTube is the property of Google. I, RLZiggyD, am the creator of this original commentary.]
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22 Responses to How to Monetize YouTube Videos with Adsense [Generic and Gaming Content]

  1. ZiggyDStarcraft says:

    As long as your commentary could be considered “Educational or informative” in relation to the game you’re fine!

  2. MegaSlyNinja says:

    im confused on what can be monetized now if i say have call of duty black ops2 games play in it and i talk the whole time and i give them credit for the game play i should be ok????

  3. Mahmudul Huq says:

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  4. ZiggyDStarcraft says:

    Assuming you have your adsense account linked to your YT account then you are fine! Ads won’t always show up when you watch your own videos, especially if you do a heap in a row. In my experience ads are shown <50% of the time. Remember YT analytics also takes a few days to update earnings! Best to check in adsense after a day or two and see if any earnings have ticked over.

  5. SonyShots says:

    Hi there, I managed to monetize some of my videos, but what happens now? I dont see any ads when viewing them and how do I actually start to make money ? Regards

  6. alo malo says:

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  7. Rashedul Islam says:

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    is it possible to contact customer service for polices. and can I get a copy of the fair use act online 

  9. ZiggyDStarcraft says:

    You just have to search their ‘about’ or ‘video policy’ pages. Not everyone will have one though. Ubisoft doesnt have anything published but searching their forums I found that a mod was PMing people details of their video policy. Bethesda’s terms of use doesnt really say anything about it. Your best bet in both situations are to message community managers. That said, stick to fair use and you will be fine.

  10. CHAOSCABLETV says:

    Umm quick question @RLZiggyD the links that is on @6:09 of you video where do you find the video policies for develops. I am trying to find the policies for bethesda and ubisoft and cant find them.

  11. Jol Pori says:

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  12. ZiggyDStarcraft says:

    Not really, although it’s permissible under fair use YouTube don’t like it. It would be good if you could as plenty of deaf gamers would love video guides im sure.

  13. Thekillerdung says:

    @ZiggyDStarcraft Can you monetize gaming videos with text in them instead of a commentary? Like a tutorial?

  14. TheJoJodog1 says:

    Thank you

  15. ZiggyDStarcraft says:

    Payments from Adsense are through bank deposit or cheque (your choice). It’s free to set up and get paid 😉

  16. TheJoJodog1 says:

    Awesomefilmstudio I want to know how u get the money And can someone tell me is monetizing a video free??????

  17. AndryRock9217 says:

    this video helped me a lot, thank you!

  18. adam malik says:

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  19. HDTehhazza says:

    Heres something you can help me with, I got my monitization disabled due to the fact my AdSense account was not accepted. Ive tried to change the account by using a different email, but putting the website as my Youtube channel.. However, everytime i do this, it monotizes the email account that I use.. HOW CAN I MAKE A NEW ONE FOR THISS ACCOUNT?!!?

  20. HyperCatSnowy says:

    sweet, thx

  21. AwesomeFilmstudio says:

    So do I get any money? If so how? 

  22. learningtocompute says:

    Thank you. I appreciate it.

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