How to Plan PPC Advertising for the New Year

How to Plan PPC Advertising for the New Year
Many advertisers will continue into the new year with the same approach to PPC they used last year. The key is to use what is working, but to look ahead at approaches that can help reach your goals and take you to the next level. Here is a simple way …
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Pay-per-click Advertising: 7 Predictions for 2013
2012 was a big year for pay-per-click advertising. Many online retailers saw their PPC budgets, conversion rates, and return-on-ad-spend grow nicely. At the same time, cost-per-click rates dropped precipitously for Product Listing Ads and mobile ads …
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Global PPC On Twitter: Disproportionately Large Ad Spend In The US
There has been a lot of talk of Twitter in the news lately and since my previous articles were focused on Facebook, I figured I would turn the tables this time around. The Library of Congress is trying to make a searchable Twitter archive, Twitter is a …
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