How to play rugby – the sidestep

How to play rugby - the sidestep

Bristol ladies rugby demonstrate the basics of the sidestep. With England u20s player Katie Mason and Sally Tuson. Presented by Emily Ryall.

18 thoughts on “How to play rugby – the sidestep

  1. Yes I agree. It was a quick two minute take and not rehearsed very well. It’s quite difficult to make a side-step realistic when it’s telegraphed. But hey, the general points are there even if not brilliantly executed.

  2. I don’t think a toddler would be able to teach you. Why would you make such a comparison when it is so obviously inaccurate and arguably deliberately provocative?

  3. Thanks for that valuable advice - yes, it’s important for the defender to stay on her toes and remain able to change direction quickly. Planting your feet flat means you’ll struggle to do so.

  4. That’s a great point Kazter11. Defenders will also plant their feet and stop if the attacker does – which means the attacker has an advantage because they know which direction they’re going to travel in. If you’re defending, it’s important you try to stay on your toes and not plant your feet so you’re not left flat footed and are able to change direction with the attacker.

  5. a reflex for football and rugby players is, when the man with the ball stops in front of them, they stop too, its a mistake, leaving space to sidestep(juke in football)

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