How to Price Your Used Car Right

How to Price Your Used Car Right
Americans have a culturally ingrained love affair with their cars, so it's natural that when they go to sell their old set of wheels, they see its pricing potential through rose-colored driving goggles. If you're serious about unloading your used car …
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Potato Growers Say Price-Fixing Charge is Half-Baked
BOISE, Idaho — A battle between grocers and potato growers has been silently hitting shoppers' pocketbooks, according to a U.S. wholesaler accusing America's spud farmers of driving up prices while spying on farmers with satellites and aircraft fly …
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PRICE: Readying outpost in Djibouti for 'rapid response'
On May 30, ArmyBrig. Gen. Kimberly Field announced the formation of a new “rapid response force” to be established at Camp Lemonnier in the East African nation of Djibouti. It will be a force “specifically trained and ready to respond to a crisis such …
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