How to produce compelling video content to enhance your stories (CA050)

How to produce compelling video content to enhance your stories (CA050)
Event on 2013-12-04 09:30:00

Who will benefit?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand how video can enhance their online content and is looking to either commission or create their own videos.

What attendees will learn

The course is a mixture of practical advice and hands-on experience.

How Video can help your business, charity or organisation 

  • 7 reasons to use online video
  • Common types of video content – which could work for you?
  • Finding an audience for your video (SEO, social media)

Working with a production company

  • The stages of video production from scripting through to completion
  • Questions to ask when looking for a production company
  • How much does a video cost?

Creating your own video content 

  • Camcorder, DSLR or smartphone? Different camera options
  • How to film professional looking interviews, testimonials & case studies
  • Editing videos – a quick overview of software options and key concepts
  • Uploading and enhancing your video with YouTube

About the trainer

Garth Haley is a BBC-trained journalist with a decade of experience in both broadcast and digital media. Garth understands both the business side of video production and the practical aspects of filming and editing. Since 2012 he is the founder and director of, a production company that creates affordable and compelling video for all sizes of businesses and charities. Hyperfine Media can advise on your video strategy, manage the end-to-end production process and ensure your video content reaches the right audience to get results. 

at The Landing, Blue
Salford, United Kingdom

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