How To Program the Garage Door Opener in Your Car – Programming A Car Garage Door Opener (HD)

How To Program the Garage Door Opener in Your Car - Programming A Car Garage Door Opener (HD)

“1 Minute with Glenn” This video features Glenn Mayhugh of Mercedes-Benz of Austin. Glenn is Delivery Specialist at Mercedes-Benz of Austin in Austin, Texas. This video shows how to change and program your garage door opener with a rolling code in your mercedes-benz. Visit our website for more helpful videos. Check us out on facebook:

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23 Responses to How To Program the Garage Door Opener in Your Car – Programming A Car Garage Door Opener (HD)

  1. Bruce Taneja says:

    You da man! My wife is happy with her “upgraded” car!

  2. g102684 says:

    It worked for my 2000 Nissan Maxima. Really helpful video! Thanks a lot!

  3. meyera27 says:

    Worked perfectly on my 2006 Hyundai Sonata! Thank You!!

  4. golfguyw5 says:

    This works fine for the car but now my Genie remote does not work. Can you tell me how to resolve this problem? Thank you..

  5. cmscms123456 says:

    Worked on my 2008 Honda Accord too. thanks

  6. dannynfs says:

    Worked on my 03 Honda accord coupe. Thanks a lot and God bless you! Soon I’ll try on 2011 Chevy Silverado.

  7. papadon100 says:

    Works great in my new Toyota Highlander. Thanks!

  8. usualsuspect434 says:

    After about an hour of frustrations and being unable to get it to work, I turned online. Found your video and within about 2 minutes, it’s working like a charm. Thanks very much!!!

  9. Joey Chan says:

    Worked for a 2012 Toyota Sienna, with a 1983 Sears Craftsman 1/2 HP opener

  10. Yadvinder Gill says:

    I did it for my truck Honda pilot. Thanks

  11. Eutimio Cuenca Centurion R. says:

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! funcionaaaaaaaaa!!!! excelente Glenn Thanks|!!! 

  12. Mibbzz says:

    it didn’t work for my mercedes -__-

  13. gruivis says:

    2005 E320 – Doesn’t work. After clearing the codes and pressing the button to be trained it begins flashing immediately. I pressed and held the opener but it never did a fast flash. Repeated this process five times. Maybe something is wrong with the mirror unit.

  14. xxtoadboyxx says:

    dose it work for 2002 honda oydssey

  15. killer647405 says:

    work for my nissan altima 2003 Thx A lot

  16. yugomoblv says:

    thanks for video

  17. cssteven03 says:

    worked for my 2003 Cadillac cts. Very first try

  18. Artemis VorteX says:

    Worked for my Lexus, first try!! That was awesome! Thanks a lot!

  19. Trayvon Martin says:

    Worked for my poop cat 69! Thanks rich guy that works at Lexus.. WOw it must be cool to do somethin that amazing with your life, you have seriously brought your self high up the corporate ladder and i bet all of your old pals that work at burger king must be so proud of you and all of your incredible accomplishments I mean am super proud of how well you taught this tutorial, have u considered a job as a middle school math teacher, because all of my middle school math teachers were cranky btw ILU

  20. KrisWiggly says:

    very helpful thanks a lot!

  21. TZOEY says:

    Thanks a lot.. Took a couple of tries but manage to get it to work on my uncle’s Masterlift and Dodge Caravan:)

  22. cssteven03 says:

    Thank You So Much

  23. acrolinto says:

    thanks worked for my MB 2010!

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