How To Quickly Rank Your Web Page In Google

How to quickly rank web pages in Google shows webmasters and online business owners how to achieve top ranking position for their websites. This Google searc…

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  1. bghaf says:

    dude your awesome.

  2. rankyaseoservices says:

    Hello there, editing h1 tags will be dependent upon the theme you are using in WordPress. You can add heading tags through the “Adding new post interface as you write them” but if you want to modify your H1 tags, or have total control of it, then you need to modify your template file. I made a video session named “WordPres SEO without plugins” that looks at creating SEO friendly WordPress site without using plug-ins. But be warned, you need to be competent to edit these files. I hope this helps.

  3. bghaf says:

    you did not really go over how to edit the headings in wordpress, could you please do that? how do you edit like h1/h2 in wordpress?

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