How to Rank High in Google with Molly Holzschlag – Live at Voices That Matter Web Design Conference, author Molly Holzschlag talks about the best practices to ensure that your site gets the highest possible ranking in Google’s index.

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5 Responses to How to Rank High in Google with Molly Holzschlag

  1. seosnatch says:

    When I like something I always let people know, so here I am.

  2. jackies35 says:

    I guess the keyword she would use “molly”… Should i put molly to rank high in google! hahahhahha Instead of her video or her website show up, it would be mine! hahahahah I am so pissed off!

  3. hovikp says:

    so how do you rank high on google again? what a waste…

  4. PhotoFuck says:

    SERIOULY..!!! Are you trying to show how arrogant you are or you trying to answer the damn question!?!

  5. JackTheRipper1187 says:

    Well, she said “Molly”…hmmm you’re right…never get them back!

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