How to Rank in the 5 Spot Google Places High level overview “How to Rank in the 5 Spot in Google Places” We know how and we’d like to help you do it too! Its really not that hard. Knowing what NOT to do comes in handy. We know what NOT to do too. Getting Suspended on Google Places can be a Death Wish for getting Local Traffic. Google Places requires you pay attention to: ———————————————————– 1) Listing Details 2) Listing Categories 3) Relevant Images & videos 4) Citations and 3rd Party Reviews Small Business Owners can NOT survive on a great Google Places Listing alone. ALL SMB’s need to have a World Class WordPress Website. We do that too! World Class WordPress Websites Long Island New York Bankruptcy Attorney Case Study If you want to get found locally, you need a 5 Spot Listing on GP For more details Social Media Marketing Plus 1827 Greenfield Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025 424-248-5122 | 310-294-9840

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