How To Rank On The First Page of Google in 24 hrs | Rank YouTube Videos on the 1st Page – See Proof

Learn how rank Youtube videos & websites on the first page of Google within 24 to 48 hrs or less. I am going to show you how to rank on the 1st page of Googl…
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  1. Josh Smith says:

    Just an update for everyone – 6 months later this YouTube video is ranking #1 on the first page of Google. I’m going to make another video showing some of the updated strategies that I use to rank YouTube videos, press releases, etc. Along with dozens of other rankings I’ve gotten recently. If anyone has used this to rank, please share your testimonial! Thanks again guys. Don’t forget to subscribe at – Best, Josh

  2. Chastity B. The Entrepreneur says:

    You say “um” a lot, I would recommend you having bullet points before making a video so that things can run a lot more smoothly, but other than that great video :-) It was helpful. 

  3. Josh Smith says:

    +Henri Prillerman Henri, that’s great to hear! I’m glad to hear real-life subscribers are getting first page rankings with their videos due to our strategies we have outlined in this video. We are in the process of releasing more of these free videos on how to rank on Google, YouTube, generate traffic, leads, and sales. I will have a video out by the end of the week showing [with proof] a YouTube video we used with a promo code, that has generated $3,000+ in sales in just a couple months. (This is only a side, to a side project and I have made several thousand in the last few months with an hour of work.) The promo code is only mentioned in the video, no where else so this is how we quantified that the sales originated from the video. Stand by, YouTube subscribers will see the video, if you are just reading go to and subscribe to our email list, as well as the YouTube channel above.

  4. Ebony Matthews says:

    Thanks that was a really helpful video. Glad I found it. 

  5. Chastity B. The Entrepreneur says:

    lmfaoo the “ums” are crazy, but again great video :-)

  6. Roby Smith says:

    Did you all know that deep thinking people say um more often than empty headers. His help was 1st class.

  7. Travis Chambers says:

    Hey man, decent coverage of how to do this, the file properties is something I hadn’t thought of before. But just to note, it was really hard to stay with you in the video with the constant “ums” and “uhs” and repetitions, getting to the point. Grateful for the video but just wanted to give you my feedback, thanks. 

  8. Eric Rollings says:

    Hey Josh, thanks for the info. I’ve watched several videos with other tips. i am going to combine the information and see what happens. I know a couple people ranking in money from leads generated with Youtube videos. Kinda sad that people often miss the forest for the trees. To those looking to use videos to market, ignore the nay sayers. Don’t ever let someones inability to convert their videos into consistent leads cause you to drop video marketing. Josh, I tried to opt in, but I couldn’t get the page up. I tried Chrome and Firefox. 

  9. The Bearded Marketer says:

    This is great info mate ive tried but I suppose I just need to wait have you got any new updates that could help me. Thank you Josh

  10. Garry Meyers says:

    Indeed I tried this with the same keyword “the best marketing assistant edmonton, canada”. It took less than 23h to get the video on pag 1 of Google andYoutube. Thanks for sharing these on page strategies.

  11. Kumod The Legend says:

    Hey Can i get ur facebook id link

  12. GeelongBellarineIM says:

    Interesting tip. Was not aware that changing the attributes if the file could be useful too. Thanks.

  13. Roby Smith says:

    Thank you very Much Josh I appreciate your help.

  14. Malachi S says:

    I think you said um 30+ times… thanks for the info though ;p

  15. lisa mitchell says:

    Josh love the video!!

  16. Gift Gallore says:

    Thumbs UP!!

  17. electricians says:

    I tried this method.My video is still on page 4 of Google so I am not impressed.

  18. pat gunn says:

    Hi there I just tride this idea and i was able to edit details into video,and upload it to youtube. But then after all that i desided to download the same video to see is all the details were still there. to my saprise the details were not there on the video?. My question is, on upload does youtube reconvert video file there 4 taking all details out out ? or does it reconvert video on downloading it taking all details out ? wich seems to of happend?

  19. tattooandpiercing shopsnearme says:

    the keyword at11.02 is not organic. so it is normal for seeing on the fist page….,!

  20. Yvonne Wise says:

    I am using 8.1 cannot edit the mp4 in my properties details, what should I be clicking on to edit the the title and description to unlock,.

  21. Ozzy James Photography |Wedding & Lifestyle Photography, Oxfordshire| says:

    Nice one!

  22. Mohd Rashid says:

    Is it possible to rank local business videos with locak search keywords on First page of google ?

  23. Andrea Foresight says:

    superb video, terrible narration. Using UHM way too often, but man, the content is defo king B!!! THank you a million

  24. Setup Smtp says:

    His Uhm and Ahh’s are so annoying I think there are like 1000s of them and the video was way too long

  25. says:

    Thanks for the video and tips. After 5 days, no dice so far. Any other techniques that you can share?

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