How to remove an image from Google Images

Watch this video to learn how to remove an undesirable image from Google Images search results. Learn more about requesting the removal of an image: http://s…
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12 Responses to How to remove an image from Google Images

  1. anna louise says:

    can you do this for me?

  2. Mahaa DiCaprio says:

    mother fuck u……this doesnt help

  3. sgray2817 says:

    Wth that was no help at all

  4. Shemeka Rorbinson says:

    im trying to remove images and other website off the internet but i dont know how to move them..

  5. Shemeka Rorbinson says:

    he’s a fucking retard how the fuck that suppose to help us

  6. Shemeka Rorbinson says:

    he doesn’t show any thing how to help

  7. msautumnishere90 says:


  8. Powerfulllestkid says:

    Im having the same problem; I’ve deleted my 6 year old myspace account & profile about 2 weeks ago, yet my profile pic still shows up on google images.

  9. D Tokic says:

    Im all over google cause of stupid instagram…/

  10. SEEpsalm27 says:

    hey, Please help! How did it work for you? today I noticed my profile pic on soundcloud was appearing in Google image search result under my name. so I logged into my soundcloud account and removed my photo on there. Then requested Google to remove the cache page of my image as this video described. But google denied it and suggested me to ask the webmaster to remove it first, I don’t get it, it is already removed from the original source, but still visible in google search result. (?)

  11. R.A. Aulia Rachim says:

    could you please tell us the exact way to remove pictures from google? i did it but it’s still pending up until now. thank you.

  12. Matt Rochines says:

    I tired trying delete my picture on Google images!!! its not work! You be kidding me!! you so evil…so lazy! YOU MUST FIX IT!

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