how to remove blekko

how to remove blekko

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5 Responses to how to remove blekko

  1. MrFrankie090 says:

    hope you do get it off 

  2. paul chan says:

    i hate blekko!! 

  3. Kathleen Carter Steeves says:

    Ive been two days tying to get it off.Will keep trying

  4. Kathleen Carter Steeves says:

    oh god what a nusiance!!!!!Thankyou so much!!!!!xoxoxo

  5. kripkripix says:

    This is not Blekko people are complaining. The Blekko in my firefox doesn’t want to go. I have uninstall it, change toolbar preference, uninstall firefox, etc but it doesn’t go. It also infects my internet explorer. Very annoying. I wish everyone making and spreading this Blekko virus die quickly and painfully.

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