How To Rename Your YouTube Channel Username

This tutorial helps you to change your 2012 Youtube channel username. NOTE: This can be use only once so think first before changing. UPDATED: Click on advanced after you come into settings.
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17 Responses to How To Rename Your YouTube Channel Username

  1. g2737 says:

    You Sir are a lousy typer

  2. LegoFreak457 says:

    He meant an audio explanation. Sort of like someone speaking the instructions, not typing them.

  3. Kidd'Rawkk SOLO says:

    this worked

  4. SoulSpireROTMG says:

    This only works if you never changed your name to an official name you want. People want to be able to change their YouTube name later on.

  5. TheEmper0rDrifter16a says:

    I dont even find that god dam phrase

  6. Waru Athena says:

    Why force us to watch the whole damned video? You could just type the bloody instructions in the video description and save us all the frustration. I bet that’s part of the reason you get so many dislikes here.

  7. KubixRubeUSA says:

    Fix your grammar and typing speed. It gave me cancer.

  8. Milly4772 says:

    Does this mean i have to make a new acount? i messed up my name and want to change it to Derp_Sky but it won’t let me T-T

  9. urosh1991 says:


  10. Kizuna Kosuke says:

    Yeah seriously :/

  11. F0RG3K1LL3R says:

    Why does everyone that do these videos type so slowly?

  12. NakedTeeth says:

    Piece of advice from someone who made mistakes with this so many times: Be careful choosing a name! I have made about 5 accounts all with weird names!

  13. HowToPPC says:

    I don’t get it… :/

  14. C Januszewski says:

    Can you tell me where it is like not in a video, like in words?

  15. AhmadSaid21 says:

    thank u

  16. HowToPPC says:

    OK solution found. Click on advanced after clicking settings all of you should find Change username

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