How to Select the Right IT Hosting Provider for ERP and Mission-Critical Applications

How to Select the Right IT Hosting Provider for ERP and Mission-Critical Applications
Event on 2014-02-12 10:00:00
Overview: When searching for a mission critical application hosting provider (e.g. ERP hosting), it is essential that the criteria for making the decision be based on solid and realistic organizational needs. Unfortunately, most companies go into this process with a bias for or against certain organizations or solutions. Having a bias one way or the other is usually anchored in a previous experience or other knowledge about a specific organization, but it is important that the bias be recognized and articulated. If the bias or biases are not called out early in the process, the chances are greatly increased that the criteria ratings will be skewed.

Because it is tempting to go with a 'name brand' hosting provider, there is a great danger that the 'name brand' provider will dictate what capabilities and expertise you should focus on during the evaluation process. This calls to mind the old fable about the fox guarding the henhouse. There are many different hosting providers that offer a great variety of services, and most can customize their offering to meet your needs. However, it is usually best to find providers that have the most complete 'out of the box' services that match your needs, with minimal customization.

Pricing is also a very important part of the decision. However, it is absolutely imperative that price is not the guiding factor in the decision. It is far more important to calculate the difference in your current costs to support your mission-critical application (whether done internally or by an outside provider) and what it will cost with the new hosting provider. That difference is the most important number and one that you must identify.

In this webinar we will flesh out all of these issues and more.

Why Should you Attend: According to CIO Magazine, it is estimated that up to 10 billion Euros (13.3 billion US dollars) are lost every year due to mission-critical application problems that can lead to a failed system. Those errors are often caused by unrealistic objectives and/or overly aggressive timelines. The most common errors and the percent that each error contributes to a failed ERP installation are listed below:
Project objectives are not clearly defined (71%)
Unrealistic timing (61%)
Lack of coordination of all parties involved in the project (55%)
Wrong or inconsistent communication within the company (45%)
Too much strain put on Project Managers (44%)
Unrealistic budget (43%)
Inaccurate detailed planning (41%)
Complexity of the project is underestimated (39%)
Reporting does not work smoothly (36%)
Project cockpit from which the project is controlled is missing (36%)

Obviously failure is the last thing anyone involved with the running of an ERP or other mission-critical application wants. However, the technical platform upon which the application rests, along with the necessary support services can make the difference between success and failure. For this reason, selecting the right hosting provider, with the right skills and experience is one of the most important decisions an organization can make. Anyone evaluating mission-critical applications (ERP, financial systems, etc.) and is considering the possibility of having that application hosted by a third-party provider, should attend this webinar.

Areas Covered in the Session:
Evaluate your organization
Identify needs and expectations
Validate needs and expectations
Prioritize needs and expectations
Develop a selection scorecard
Asking the tough questions of a potential providers
Defending your short-list selection
Defending your final selection
Moving forward with your new hosting partner

Who Will Benefit:
Business Operations Directors
Anyone looking to purchase or upgrade an ERP system

Speaker Profile:
John Ripma is an independent consultant and the founder of Technical Ink, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in content marketing for technology-based companies. With Technical Ink, John helps companies produce high quality written materials for a wide variety of purposes (whitepapers, webinars, blog posts, brochures, technical manuals, training/educational documents, and other purposes).

John started in the field of Information Technology in 1981 when he co-founded Applied Personnel Technology, one of the first PC-based software development and consulting firms in the country. Since then, John has been closely involved with technology in a number of roles such as project manager, business development manager, senior consultant, vice president, and CEO. Over the years, John’s focus has been on helping organizations analyze, select, install and maintain complex enterprise class systems. He has worked on many large and mission critical projects that involved PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, or SAP. He also was an instructor at the SAP Academy. Additionally, with the resurgence in infrastructure outsourcing and cloud computing, John has been working closely with a number of international firms to help them migrate their enterprise systems into hosted environments.

The world of technology continues to grow at a dizzying pace and, to help his clients keep pace, John keeps up-to-date on the latest developments such as in-memory computing, Big Data, mobility, data security, software defined data centers, infrastructure architecture, technology enabled business processes, and system integration.

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