How To Setup VPN on Windows 7 as Home Solution

Step by step video instructions on how to setup your Windows computer into a VPN server. For more tutorials, visit me at
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  1. Uhhh no. WAN is Wide Area Network, if you aren’t a part of that network, you can’t connect to it unless you tunnel through a VPN. You’d have to set up port forwarding as well.

  2. Google hamachi. It does the VPN for you. It’s awesome. Everything I was taught in college, is now some free program somewhere. College education down the god damn drain.

  3. with this method i am trying to connect my PC with my friend who lives in another naughborhood(sorry for spelling) will this method you have shown us be able to establish that kind of link between the his computer and mine? im very new to this and have followed your instructions but have left out the router settings as i dnt understand them comppletely like where do i find the port number i want to forward and where am i connecting to that he will connect to aswell i really want this for gaming

  4. If I subscribe to a VPN like HideMyAss for example, and use my neighbor’s unlocked WiFi can he still see what sites I’m surfing on or will he be able to collect sensitive information like credit card number ands things like that. Also will his router be able to collect the sites visited or what info will be stored on the router? Thank You

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