How to Ship Ebay Items Using the Post Office

How to Ship Ebay Items Using the Post Office

After shipping over 10000 items in the past several years I thought I might be able to help those new to Ebay save money and grow a successful business. I s…
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24 Responses to How to Ship Ebay Items Using the Post Office

  1. mashruk02 says:

    where do you get the envelopes and priority mail boxes from ?

  2. NLMACBU says:

    do you get USPS tracking + delivery conformation without signature? how much does it cost?

  3. S0L0W21 says:

    Where did you buy those peel off label stickers.? You didnt want to use an actual label printer? Ey

  4. S0L0W21 says:

    Best vid thus far

  5. fred molina says:

    ok thanks

  6. TheBeauxty says:

    Or a cheaper way instead of using Priority (Because Priority is way more) you can buy a bubble mailer from walmart for cheap usually .70 cents – $5.00. Then you can write the buyers address in the middle and your address in the top left corner go to the post office and they will send it out I’m sure for less than $2.00 just ask for the lowest price usually first class with 3 oz package. Simple as that.

  7. fred molina says:

    Quick question. I just sold my first Ebay item today. It is a Sim card activation kit, which ways 3 oz without the envelope, and printed the shipping label. I don’t have a package/envelope yet so on Monday when I go to ship it, if I go to the post office will they give me an envelope to ship this thing out since i already bought the label??? or do i need to buy the envelope separately?

  8. erniebonvawt says:

    You can get regular Priority boxes for free at USPS dot com.

  9. Mike Newby says:

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  10. Asha Khan says:

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  11. aeristilheartly1 says:

    I still ship things out today and found out how to handle the prices of shipping and the truth about how people can rip you off through it too, and then of course, how to avoid being ripped off :) wrote them all down in my blog here :)

  12. tatease says:

    I buy my items from thrift store. I look every think up on my android eBay app under sold items (very important to look only under sold items) after doing this for a few months you will know what items to look for and its almost always the things you would least expect don’t buy collectibles not worth anything if you have a phone with an eBay app and look up every item like I do you will never loose I have purchased item for around a dollar and sold them for around a $100 eBay app eBay app!!!

  13. tatease says:

    you will get an email from ebay or paypal or both

  14. tatease says:

    no! flat rate boxes always cost way more buy your shipping supplies from Wal-Mart small boxes are less than a dollar the largest boxes are round two – three dollars Sam’s Club i get bubbler mailers 25 to a box makes them $0.20 i pay $0.68 for a box at Wal-Mart same box at UPS is around $3 flate rate boxes are free but the postages in most cases is more I sell on eBay for a living

  15. tatease says:

    this guys method of shipping is not very cost effective I sell on eBay for a living and if I shipped his way it would cut into my profit

  16. Michael Hay says:

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  17. MsMegaSkittles says:

    what kind of paper do you use cause i need some lol thanks 

  18. PREETDANGER29 says:

    hey sir can u make a video and show how to know if the cutomer paid on the item u are selling ? plzzzz ?

  19. SuperAndrews13 says:

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  20. raju maharjan says:

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  21. wagil90 says:

    On some things, would it just be cheaper to use the flat rate box since the box is free?

  22. rockdog808 says:

    Great info, thanks!

  23. Masud Rahman says:

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  24. Elena Haskins says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make this.

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