How To Snipe Bid On eBay And Win

There is a reason experienced bidders on eBay use Snipe Bidding, it works! This guide shows you how and explains why it works. Watch the demonstration as we place a live Snipe bid. We also demonstrate how you can use free software to place your snipe bids which is easy. You can find a free software and a guide to snipe bidding which explains all the details at This free bid sniping service can help you win auctions. Watch this full series of eBay how-to videos at http
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24 thoughts on “How To Snipe Bid On eBay And Win

  1. its proxy bidding. someone who bid has a max bid which is more than what you are bidding. Say the drum cost $10 and the highest bid is showing $12, but their max bid is $20, you can place a $15 bid but automatically the person who has the max bid ($20) is going to beat you until you bid more then their $20 max bid. You get it now?

  2. So what if you don’t bid at all and just wait till the last few seconds to snipe and someone has a max bid of say $15 and the winning bid is shown as $12, you bid $15 and you still lose because the other person had the max bid before you did and there’s no sure way of knowing what another persons max bid is. You can bet $15.01 but it still isn’t fool proof because a person could have a max bid of $20 and you still lose. You just have to have luck on your side when you do this.

  3. I have never been seen any benefit of using ebay bidding. I just buy “But it now” items if the price is satisfactory. A few times I tried it was a big failure. Like, when I placed my bid, it came up with this message saying “Your bid is less than the amount the seller has put as the minimum bid” (or smth like that). It didn’t even bother to tell me what that f***ing minimum bid amount is. And I think it is ridiculous to set the starting price as “0.99$” and also set a hidden “minimum bid price”

  4. From your description it sounds like you do not understand proxy bidding. Review this video which explains how basic proxy bidding works on ebay:

  5. Hopefully it hasn’t ended. To win, you have to bid higher than what the challenging bidder has bid max. E.G. The bidder may want to bid $20 for it. You don’t know hwo much though. Once you exceed what the bidder wants to bid, the bidder will stop.

  6. I’m trying to bid on a crystal cynder but I can’t cause every time I put in a bid it keeps saying I have bin outbided every time even thoe iv bided higher and now I can’t win.HELP ANYONE?

  7. Manuel bidding takes skill. Thanks for the tips! tomorrow i will have my ipod set for bidding, My laptop used a backup bidder in case the bidder bid a higher amount. Il have it set to 20$ (current bid is 10.50) My plan is to bid 16$ withing 15 seconds. If he bids higher (in a moment of auto bidding) I will use my laptop to place the 20.50$ and use a netbook as a auction timer. I think im ready to win me a dell latitude! with windows 98!

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