How to Solve Chess Puzzles #1


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20 Responses to How to Solve Chess Puzzles #1

  1. ChazzX93 says:

    Please don’t tell me this is hard lol

  2. Jonathan Hao says:

    It would be mate in 1 by the bishop

  3. JeReL19 says:

    I’d have thought the cpu would at least use the pawn to capture the queen.

  4. JeReL19 says:

    What’d you mean queen (white) to a6. That’s suicide.

  5. alphakraker says:

    I appreciate the idea of giving us a window into his mind. Like I said it was definitely an observation not so much a criticism…Don’t get me wrong, Jerry is definitely a superior player to me….There is no way I would win a 1 min game against him, so I guess Im more fascinated with that aspect of his thinking.

  6. Andrew Zheng says:

    Rxb7 Kxb7 Bc6+!! if Kb8 Qb1# and Ka6 Qd3# and Qb5#

  7. zzzzcvcc says:

    No, not at all. He’s showing you how to think about tactics in a way to help you find them more easily.

  8. kiraleskirales says:

    If Ra1 Qh3#. The order sometimes is very important ^^.

  9. Macak Cira says:

    yes! i guessed it wowho!

  10. ComputerBunnyMath123 says:

    Keep up the good work sir. It is quite nice :)

  11. alphakraker says:

    I like nearly all of jerry’s vids and commentary, but isn’t a vid about “how to solve a chess puzzle” analogous to a vid about “how to score well on an iq test”?…just a thought not intended as an insult

  12. bahasarojak says:

    c5-c6, that’s it!!! saw that in 10 seconds too.

  13. WallSpace says:

    wow I surprised myself as I found the correct move in 10 seconds s_s

  14. Bloodlines8 says:

    Yes! He mentions my name “Bloodlines” at 3:39. This made my day :)

  15. andrewchessruff says:

    thanks Mr chessnetwork man

  16. XulChris says:

    This is an easy puzzle, I solved it about 30 seconds into the video.

  17. Đerđ Horvat says:

    I solved both your problems in 2 sec a piece and you play way better than me. There is only one solution: you like to talk about yourself!

  18. gorantrevise says:

    Ra1?? Qh3 ++ :-)

  19. Hervin Butil says:

    3. Qxa7

  20. iloveihop07 says:

    That was a poor comment. No structure whatsoever.

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