How To Solve The Sequester Crisis: Flip The Debt

(PRWEB) February 26, 2013

Unless Congress intervenes, the law will require the Obama administration to impose $ 85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts to domestic and military programs on March 1. Those cuts, the start of $ 1 trillion in cuts over the next decade, are known as sequestration.

According to Dennis Trainor, Jr. of Acronym TV, there is an easy solution to the sequestration crisis: Flip The Debt. In a recent video commentary (watch here), Trainor signaled out the group Fix The Debt as a front group for Wall Street Corporations aimed at scaring the American public into accepting austerity measures on the one hand and continuing tax loopholes for the very companies that contributed to the financial crisis and our soaring debt on the other.

While critical of the group Fix the Debt, Trainor see much promise in a emerging group called Flip the Debt, which is calling for points out An influential front group of Wall St. Corporations calling itself Fix The Debt is demanding we cut social support programs like Social Security and Medicare in order to reduce the deficit. The funny part? Our deficit is so huge because these very same corporations – and the wealthiest 1% – have been rigging the rules to exploit loopholes, tax havens and tax cuts for years!


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About Dennis Trainor, Jr

Dennis is the writer & director of the American Autumn: an Occudoc, which opened to critical acclaim in June 2012. In addition to Acronym TV, Dennis has created promotional short videos for the October 2011 Coalition , Occupy Wall Street, Don’t Suppress OWS, & CWA.

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