How to Start a Creative Business – Oct. 29

How to Start a Creative Business – Oct. 29
Event on 2015-10-29 09:00:00
Are you an established or aspiring visual artist, crafts person, musician, writer, actor, dancer, designer, editor or other creator? If you are a creative entrepreneur in any discipline who wants to start or grow a business doing what you love to do, this half-day workshop is for you. You will have access to 4 accompanying webinars for the topics on: 1)      Marketing: the Nuts and Bolts – the 4Ps that make up the market mix, setting goals, closing sales, promotional tactics, etc. 2)      Social Media Marketing – Developing strategy and identifying platforms 3)      Project Management – be able to organize planning process for any project, e.g., writing a grant, techniques to break down projects, etc. 4)      Basic Budgeting – how to project budget on limited, seasonal and/or unpredictable resources which includes resources and templates. Learning Outcomes – Demonstrate a better understanding of own personal attitudes to business; – Describe what a business plan is and why it is important; – Establish realistic goals with relevant outcomes; – Understand the basic skills needed to run a business; – Apply planning tools to own businesses; – Use practical market research techniques to better identify and understand target markets; – Create a simple marketing strategy; and – Prepare an annual or project budget.  

at North York Civic Center
5100 Yonge Street , Lower Level, Committee Room 3
North York, Canada

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