How to Start An Online E-Commerce Business from Scratch! (Bring Laptop)

How to Start An Online E-Commerce Business from Scratch! (Bring Laptop)
Event on 2014-11-25 19:30:00

Hi Friends,

This is Glen Tiew, the Online Entrepreneurr.

I am going to guess that you probably know of someone who bought something online! Perhaps you too have already started buying things via the internet.

This is a great and growing opportunity for anyone who wants to start a business to provide products and services without a huge capital.

Yes, we have heard of big names like Q10, Grabtaxi and many other famous ecommerce websites raking in millions. The truth is there are many other Online Entreprenerrs like myself who are not as famous but are making a decent income (not millions but a couple of thousands) by building our blogs and eccommerce websites.

Well, it is not exactly that difficult to do it if you are willing to learn some simple models and actually put them to action. Yes, it takes some time and effort but in my opinion, it is worth it because as an Online Entrepreneurr, I have the time freedom to do what I want and not have to report to work daily. It is also great because I can use my ecommerce website to sell products and services that I am passionate about.

So who is this for? Anyone!

Anyone who has the following:

Therefore, I would like to invite you to this Free 2.5hr workshop to learn how I do it!

FREE? What’s the catch? I will be upfront and tell you that I have a paid coaching programme which I would like to invite you to join. But regardless whether you join me in the paid coaching programme or not, I want to promise to actually teach you how to start your Ecommerce buisness and only if you feel that you need more coaching after the workshop, then you can enquire more about the coaching programme. I also do not like hard sell… eek! Fair enough?

So, in this free 2.5hr workshop, I will be sharing with you the following:
#1 – Discover how to make money online with your passion
#2 – Have Your Very Own WordPress Site Up (do bring your laptop)
#3 – Have Your Own “Buy Now” Button Ready
#4 – Know about Closely-Guarded Secrets to Web Design Revealed
#5 – Know a Tool You MUST use Before Starting Your Online Business
#6 – Know about Common Mistakes to Avoid when Setting Up An Online Business
#7 – Discover a Proven Technique to Accelerate Setting Up Your Online Business

I look forward to seeing you there!

Glen Tiew

More About Glen Tiew

I first started out doing graphic design and web design as a freelancer. With that, I managed to get the hands on experience through doing numerous projects. I then started out doing my first Blog Site in November 2012. It was the same time that I landed myself in a big debt. (Many of my friends don’t know about this, I was too embarrassed)   I wouldn’t want to say how much was the amount but it’s certainly an amount no young adult would want to have.

I thought I had found the best investment opportunity. And so, with little or no proper guidance, I took multiple bank loans from multiple banks and jumped into the investment. Soon after, all of my investments got frozen and the company disappeared. I went back out to work and boy did i work hard. Almost 12 to 13 hours a day. I had to. I was in sales and the more I sold the more I could have just enough to survive after paying all the bank minimum payments.

In my frustration, I started a financial blog which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I wanted to start it initially because I wanted to help young people like me to be more aware of such “investments” out there. I also created it because I wanted to share with others about the importance of financial knowledge. Little did I know that my blog not only became an additional practice for me but it became an asset for me. My blog site started generating some income for me!

I felt very encouraged and even more determined after achieving my results. Today, I’m a proud founder & director of my own web design and mobile app development company and thankfully i’m very near to being debt free!

Now, I’m very much determined to make a change in the internet marketing industry in Singapore. To change it for the better. To teach better. To share better. And to support better. Because if whoever i train becomes successful, I too will be.

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9 Penang Road #09-20/27 Park Mall Singapore 238459
Singapore, Singapore

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