How to Use Google AdWords to Increase SEO? – Mojo Video Marketing, Cory Sanchez, speaks with Google Adwords and SEO expert Joel McDonald, about how to use Google Adwords to drive SEO value. These two Experts give Marketing Tips, on how to optimize the use of Google Adwords, to increase SEO and Google Rankings. Check out more great Video Marketing Experts by going to http and exploring all of our video marketing interviews. With a range from email and Video Marketing, and best video marketing TIPS. Visit us at: Mojo Video Marketing – http SUBSCRIBE TO OUR VIDEOS! CONNECT WITH US! http

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  6. richard gordon says:

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  7. Michael Flores says:

    I like this video. I’m looking forward to using these pointers. Thanks.

  8. Michael Flores says:

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  9. Laine Reyes says:

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  10. Mike Ryan says:

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