How to Use Gym Exercise Machines : Using the Triceps Dip Exercise Machine at the Gym

How to Use Gym Exercise Machines : Using the Triceps Dip Exercise Machine at the Gym

Learn how to use the triceps dip machine at the gym for strength training exercises in this free instructional video on gym exercise machine use. Expert: Mike Colangelo Contact: Bio: During Mike’s career he has helped literally hundreds of clients loose body fat and gain sculpted lean muscle as a fitness director for YMCA and strength and conditioning coach of the Pottstown Pengui Filmmaker: Andy Strohl
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23 Responses to How to Use Gym Exercise Machines : Using the Triceps Dip Exercise Machine at the Gym

  1. ismacastillo says:

    I wonder if you push down more pounds than actually you weight…

  2. goodcat1982 says:

    lol @ 0:23 “your seat stays on your seat” wtf?

  3. Webclutch says:

    so you can do more than your body weight

  4. MrXxRaPiDxX says:

    its cause some people cant manage their body weight so on a machine they have contol of the weight so however heavy or light they want the weight

  5. gregwithnail says:

    IF you can handle your bodyweight. ;-)

  6. TheHighlyAcclaimed says:

    They dips mainly focus on the Triceps, whereas normal dips if done corrects, should focus the bottom of ur chest, and lifting ur chest out.

  7. Tironci15 says:

    wats up with u suckin everybodys dick ? lmao

  8. Tironci15 says:

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  9. Tironci15 says:

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  10. Tironci15 says:

    who u callin an asshole u fattass?

  11. ArtoriusGothicus says:

    fuck you skinny retard, don’t teach me what he’s trying to show. Go put on some muscle and stop acting like wise, moron.

  12. SuperstereoGenova says:

    not everyone can do full bodyweight dips my man

  13. ArtoriusGothicus says:

    I hate it when all these “experts” show how to workout with 10% of the weight they normally use.

  14. Livenderrr says:

    I got explained at my gym that i MUST lean forward. So now i am focused. I’m doing 200lbs (90kg) atm.. I don’t wanna do it wrong..

  15. mst3k4evur says:

    Lean forward, bend your elbows outward and engage your chest muscles. That should target the lower pecs.

  16. j0va2020 says:

    i thot that if i leaned forward it helped working your lower chest too… that why i added more weight but i was not using it with my triceps instead i was doing a type seated lower chest pushup/workout and i really felt it…. any thought in this>???

  17. MXhm91 says:

    , that or the famous painter , but maybe you think the ninja turtle got the name first ?

  18. SchnellM3 says:

    Because everybody can”t lift their own weight 8+ reps x 6 set or whatver one wants to do. Thats why you got a dip machine so you can set the weight for an ultimate workout.

  19. ThePcadler says:

    the thing i like about machines is the weight doesnt go out of control and drop , and you cant seriously hurt yourself as well as long as your doing it right

  20. yiohe says:

    exactly man , you can put some really heavy weght on that baby,regular dips use only you own weight

  21. yiohe says:

    for more weight man , with 2 bars you just use your own bodyweight , but with that baby you can lift heavier , i lift the doble of my own weight .

  22. tpharris8587 says:

    nb4pur3 said below “slightly bent” he didnt mean completely lock up the joints and yes it is bad

  23. jbs4life says:

    No you don’t… you never want to lock anything. It’s very bad on the joints.. Do you lock out your knees on a squat, elbows on a bench press? Um.. no.. it’s bad

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